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I'm Miranda, an artist and tattoo artist specializing in high detail blackwork & traditional styles. I found my passion for art since I was a little kid, i would always be sketching pictures wild animals at home and school in my free time. Excelling in Art classes later on I would grow to be very interested in the tattoo world and would down the road receive an apprenticeship, which is where i grew from just an artist to tattoo artist. I have now been tattooing since 2015 and am so grateful to be doing what i love!


I gain most of my inspiration from my love for sci-fi/horror movies, dark surrealism art, as well as the outdoors and the beauty of nature.


My goal is to create one of a kind custom pieces for my clients that fit and flow well with that unique person. I always aim for my client to have the best experience they possibly can when getting their tattoo. Communication and understanding are an integral part of my tattoo process. I value my clients' trust in allowing me to be a part of their tattoo journey!


In my free time, I also play bass in a punk band. I have a love for outdoors and camping with my partner and doggo! Traveling is a regular part of my life as well. I also have plans to attend school in the near future, which will be a new exciting life adventure for me. I am always navigating the tattoo/band/family life.


So, if you would like to book with me, feel free to contact me whichever way is easiest for you, I have an Appointment Request Form which makes it easy, or you can email me at 

You can also DM me on Facebook or Instagram. That works, too! 


Look forward to your ideas! 


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