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Kendell - June 29, 2024

I have been getting tattooed by Miranda since 2018 and she is incredible. The atmosphere of her shop is so welcoming and clean. She is always prepared and has great communication about the appt.

Nichole - June 29, 2024

Miranda is an amazing artist; and it is always an enjoyable and comfortable experience. She puts a lot of care into every aspect of her craft and I really appreciate that!

Simon - July 3, 2024

Best artist I've had, won't be going back to any others. I am an extremely picky client, she always listens and understands what I'm looking for. I adjust my tattoos alot, and she's always on the same page and gets what i'm invisioning. Comfortable enviroment, quality ink and tools, they heal so well compared to any other artist I've gone to.

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